The cleaner the cut, the better the trench.

We first cut our "tungsten-tipped teeth" in the trenches. We have it down to a fine science. Through the use of our custom tooth patterns, we leave you with clean vertical edges and eliminate stress fractures to surrounding asphalt and concrete.

            Cut Your Costs . . .

Step aside from the guys who leave you ragged edges and tattered budgets. When we grind a trench, our patented system removes asphalt or concrete completely and reduces it to a pulverized state. This pulverization is accomplished in a fraction of the time required for the costly traditional saw-cut-it, bust it, and pry it out methods. And, instead of the old way of paying to have the chunks hauled away and disposed of, you can actually use this pulverized material for backfill right on the job instead of importing more material. We save you time, money and resources.

  • Unique, patented, clean trench technology.
  • Expertise in utility trenches, shoulder work, frost removal and T-Capping for optimum edge integrity.
  • Variable widths: 15”, 21”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60” in a single pass.
  • Depths up to 12 inches.
  • Gives you valuable, easy-to-handle pulverized material to use as backfill or driving surface instead of costly saw cutting/removal/disposal and then importing other backfill.
  • Our system is built for speed, flexibility and efficiency. We can quickly change the drum width in a machine and can even change on-site in as little as 15 minutes if required.

Why are we better?

You might think it’s hard to talk about finesse with guys who eat asphalt for breakfast. But, confidentially, our constant concern for fine tuning is one of our secrets. Saving time, improving our systems, reducing waste, creating new technology, and hitting ever-finer tolerances in a heavy-duty industry all mean staying nimble on our feet. Well, nimble as guys with asphalt breath can be anyways.