Where you see pavement with stripes or lines you don’t want, we see chalk lines on a blackboard. So we simply come in with our custom “Erazer” and deftly erase them for you. Our process precisely shaves off just the lines and leaves you with a smooth, planed surface.

  • We skive off different widths from 4” to 18” in a single pass.
  • We leave a smooth surface that maintains base integrity.
  • Our “Erazer” skid attachment represents another advancement that saves you money.
  • We leave no vertical edges

Why are we better?

Let’s not say this too loud, but we have a longtime, intimate knowledge of asphalt and concrete. That is, with our experience, we recognize the different consistencies of paving materials. Their age, depth, varying density and temperature all play into how we make and set our machines. For your stripe removal, we know how to keep a light touch, so you don’t get gouged.