We mean clean. . .

Clean milling. Clean sweep. Clean job. Clean neighborhood. Our clean-up means clean. Period. Our clean up after a job is second to none. And that sets us apart from, ahead of, and way beyond the competition. For you, it means you’re set for the next step without delay or additional trouble and expense. And we’ve cleared the deck for you of the biggest source of complaints: leftover dirt and debris. So with us, you can make a clean break from all that.

  • We were the first. . .to utilize a vacuum sweeper to get the fine stuff picked up.
  • We were the first. . .to design custom-built skid attachment sweeper buckets.
  • We were the first. . .to blow off sidewalks, curbs and driveways—then whisk it all up.
  • Seasonally we are also available to help clean up your parking lots or other projects, in addition to our traditional cleanup crews that follow our milling operations.
  • Our goal is to leave the job site ready to pave when we leave, no extra work required.

Why are we better?

Why are you paying other milling companies for clean-up, if the surface is not ready to pave when they leave? We clean up our mess, it’s ready to pave, we hang our hats on it. Nuff Said.